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Time Shifts


Annabelle Moreau

Fold I, 2018

Polished copper termo-laquered

50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm



Time Shifts

The National Museum of Natural History and Science presents the second exhibition by Annabelle Moreau that coincides with the ARCO Lisboa art fair.

For the first timethe artist presents works destined for an outdoor space.

This exhibition invites the spectator to interact with objects through movement and reflect upon the nature of what is presented before their eyes. The relations between object, ground, light and reflections,essence and absence, allow the vision of new ephemeral states and optical illusion.

Five sculptures entitled
Fold I, Fold II, Fold III, Fold IV and Fold V  made in brass, copper and stainless steel,highly reflective and featuring simple folds, are placed outdoors in the museum courtyard reflecting the environment around them. Their fields of flat, innatecolour allow the reflection of the architectural and natural space. The pieces simultaneously absorb tangible spatial division through subtle differentiation of colour, creating an illusory sense of reflected reality and confusing one's relationship with space.

Movement around the sculptures allows different visions of the same object as well as the experience of different realities changing from time to time. Visual experience and time-based experience of the natural environment through the implication of movement will allow the viewer to see an object in constant change of state.

Generously supported by:


Robert and Nancy Rosenthal Boston, MA 

Ambassade de France au Portugal

Institut Français, Portugal

João Portugal Ramos Vinhos